Indie Dev Q&A: Ty Taylor of The Bridge and Tumblestone


Ty Taylor is the creator of one of the most unique puzzle indie games in the past few years The Bridge, which has won numerous awards from PAX, IGF, to IndieCade and more! Tumblestone is his latest project (I played it earlier this year — woot SWEET multiplayer puzzle actions!) — let’s hear what indie dev wisdom he has in store for us today.

1. Name and location

Ty Taylor
Redmond, WA

2. How long have you been an indie dev?

It depends on how you define “indie dev.” I’ve been making games basically my entire life (physical and digital), and I’ve been working on The Bridge and other major independent projects since 2010. For most of that time I was moonlighting while working at Microsoft on the Xbox One, and only recently I left Microsoft to work full-time on my own projects.

3. Games released

The Bridge ( | Facebook Page | Twitter)

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